​Streamlining SLOs

​Streamlining SLOs

Like most new state teacher evaluation programs, the Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness Program requires that teachers do a lot more than they have in the past to collect and evaluate data about student academic growth. Half of your evaluation now depends on student outcomes, and 95% of that part of your evaluation depends on how well you execute your Student Learning Objective (SLO). So SLOs are critical!

You’ve probably set up your first SLO already. You’ve made sure it has the SMART (Specific, Measureable, Actionable, Results-oriented, Time-bound) structure called for by the EE process. Whether you chose to pursue a “growth” goal, or an “attainment” goal, you now face the daunting task of tracking progress against it during the year and adjusting your instruction to make sure you achieve it. That sounds overwhelming, but doesn’t have to be!

Metria can help you be successful with your SLO, and lighten the load of executing on it. Consider the steps that you need to take to reach your SLO once you’ve created it.   Metria’s tools can support you with each step:

  1. Create an instructional plan aligned with standards. If you have set up a goal for student learning in Math, ELA or Science, you can tap into our deep collection of thousands of supporting resources. We’ve unpacked the CCSS and NGSS standards into Daily Learning Targets, created “I Can” statements for each target, collected activities that engage students, identified the best free OERs that are aligned with the standards, and synthesized expert guidance about how to instruct each standard. We’ve even organized all these resources into year-long plans that serve as a “starter kit” for you to customize and make your own.
  2. Record student progress against standards addressed in your plan. We provide some tools that help you quickly and easily capture formative assessments of student proficiency, whether they come from quizzes and tests, student work, or your observations during instruction.
  3. Design and execute effective interventions. When you record your observation of student proficiency, we automatically create reminders to set up interventions, and help you plan an intervention using our deep collection of lesson planning supports. When you’re done with your intervention, you can track student response again and we’ll track the change for you.
  4. Document how you modified your instruction to reach your SLO. We automatically create reports for each student that show when you made formative assessments, when you conducted interventions, and the results. If you designed a lesson that you think is a great example of how you responded to your students’ needs, you can print it to PDF and attach it to your evaluation in TeachScape.

To see how Metria’s tools can be applied to help with these steps, take a look at this short video. If you want to try these tools out, you can use them for free this year by registering for Metria’s Master Teacher Edition.

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